Libro ganador del concurso de Soy Autor 2021 | FILBITA 
Winning book of the Soy Autor 2021 contest | FILBITA
Editorial: Una Luna - Grupo Claridad
Autora: Patricia Strauch

En la guarda que se encuentra al abrir el libro se ven los animales despiertos y al finalizarlo, se encuentran los mismos durmiendo. 
why do we sleep? | because the pillow wants to be hugged.
because the good night stories are more entertaining than good morning stories.
because snoring cradles the moon.
because the noises of the night need more silence.
because owls like to hoot alone.
because the dreams cry out for someone to dream them (yes, nightmares too. 
because that's where the best horror movies come from).
because the lions need to hear their prays.
...and because sometimes, if we dream of something really nice... it comes true.
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