Lu Paul is an illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires. She is very passionate, curious and genuinely loves her job! Feel free to write with any inquiries or just to say hi!
When she’s not drawing, she’s probably eating something or boasting about her 30 plants.

Represented in English-speaking countries by Plum Pudding Agency. 
Facebook, el Teatro Colón, Mc Donalds, Simball, Lycra, Staples, Fly Bondi, TasteMade, Johnny Walker, Crayola, Coca-Cola, la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, and Google.
PUBLISHERS *and collaborated for
Santillana, Ediciones Tres en Línea, Periplo, Ateneo, Edelvives, Catapulta Ediciones, Pez Menta, Gerbera, and Grupo Planeta.
Thank you!
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